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20 Questions

May 13th, 2015

My 20 questions interview in the North Devon Journal made my 6-year-old son laugh so hard, I wished they asked another 20 questions.


20 Questions journal

My Life in 20 Questions – North Devon Journal. May 7, 2015. Page 48


MY LIFE in 20 questions.

1. Childhood hero: Luke Skywalker and The Incredible Hulk.

2. Hobbies: Photography.

3. Favourite music: Meet Me at The Pub, Small Town Jones, Off The Wall, Amy Newton, Katie and Sophie Kerslake.

4. Favourite book: Light by Christian Fletcher. Amazing landscape photography coffee table book.

5. Favourite film: Saving Private Ryan, I watched this movie with my late Granddad who talked about his war time experiences throughout the whole movie, priceless.

6. Favourite TV programme: Trailer Park Boys.

7. Favourite restaurant: Noel Corston’s place in Woolacombe. I visited years ago but I’m still talking about it.

8. First job: My mum used to make me put my toys away. Then I was a paperboy in Braunton.

9. I’m very good at: Eating chocolate.

10. I’m very bad at: Stopping eating chocolate.

11. A phrase I use too often: Rather wicked!! I also find I say “Check out my website,” a lot. (Like what I did there?)

12. Three people (dead or alive) I’d invite for dinner: Michael Jackson, Lord Lucan and Princess Diana. Can’t imagine the value of those photographs.

13. Other than my other half, I’d like to be stranded on a desert island with: A Phase One 80 megapixel camera, a bunch of lenses, tripod, my laptop and a fast internet connection. Oh and a big boat, for when I get bored.

14. I’m embarrassed by: I was once talking to a pretty girl in a Hollywood bar. When I asked her what she did for a living, she turned and walked away. A friend pointed out that it was Yasmin Bleeth from Baywatch.

15. Proudest moment: The birth of my two sons, Radley Danger and Oliver Rascal.

16. Best things about North Devon: I love that summer is on a Wednesday. (Sorry, that’s my dad’s joke.)

17. Worst things about North Devon: Leaving it.

18. What of our country’s laws would you change: They don’t affect me, I live in California.

19. Overrated public figure: Take a drive around Hollywood, you’ll find quite a few.

20. In another life I’d like to be: Myself again, I’m having a laugh being me.


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