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Media Blitz

April 16th, 2015

I haven’t come close to breaking the internet, but I did have a little bit of a media blitz in the news over the past couple of weeks. This month my panoramic landscape photography, shot on my ‘Linhof Technorama‘ film camera, has been featured in the Telegraph (UK), Daily Telegraph (Sydney), the Courier Mail, the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Huffington Post.



‘Taking Beauty Snaps’ – The Sydney Daily Telegraph, Australia. April 4, 2015. Page 39.


I shoot a lot of assignments, for newspapers and magazines internationally.  My editorial images are often in the news, which is always an awesome feeling. When the stories in the newspapers are about my photography, it takes that awesome feeling to a whole new level.  It’s been a very exciting time, and I’m feeling very motivated to shoot some more film.


Media Blitz, the Courier Mail in Brisbane

‘New Take On Queensland’ –  Courier Mail, Australia. April 4, 2015. Page 38.



‘The Beauty Around Us’ – Daily Mail.



The Huffington Post



‘Beautiful panoramic photographs of little known corners of the world’ – The Telegraph, UK.



‘Stunning panoramic pictures of the world’s most beautiful spots taken with old-fashioned film camera’ – Mirror, UK.



Holes In The Net – Israel



 And finally, The Hilarious Part Of The Media Blitz…..


For your amusement:  I found this bizarre video of my images, accompanying an even more bizarre editorial.  Any press is good press, right?



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Responsible for the media blitz…

Terry McGourty at The Telegraph. Brian Roberts at the Sydney Daily Telegraph. Alex Mead at the Daily Mail Online. Elliot Wagland at the Huffington Post. Ian Down at the Mirror.  I am very grateful for the exposure you have given my work and I have a deep appreciation for being able to share my photography on a global level.   Thank you.



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