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25th Anniversay Edition

October 17th, 2012

Upon reaching my quarter century as a photographer, the occasion did not pass unnoticed.  When I started taking pictures all those years ago, my first camera filter was a Tobacco graduated filter by Formatt Hitech. Fast forward 25 years and Formatt Hitech have replaced that legendary piece of kit and presented me with a very special, extremely limited edition set of Tobacco graduated filters. Personalized with my name and the words, ’25th Anniversary Edition’, engraved on to each filter.

I don’t get paid to use Formatt Hitech filters and I’ve never been asked to promote them in anyway.  I use them for one reason, they’re good filters. A lot of new photographers are digitally replicating the effects of a graduated filter using software like Adobe Lightroom. A digitally added filter works great. For even better results during post-processing, use a real filter to balance the exposure in-camera. A real filter will help prevent clipping of the highlights in your image, therefore giving you a better-balanced exposure to work with in post.


Thank-you Formatt Hitech, I’m not sure if I should use my new filters or mount and display them in my studio.


Visit their website and purchase some real filters, (they didn’t tell me to say that)



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