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Black and White Spider Awards

June 7th, 2012

Very happy to be on the Nominee List for the 7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards. It’s a rather large list but I’m still on it. The awards ceremony will be live online, on Saturday 9th June 2012.


Celebrating its 7th year, Black and White Spider Awards is the leading international award honoring black and white photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers in a prestigious annual competition and globally webcast event, reaching photo fans in 154 countries.


And the nominees are……

A Karlsson – Sweden (Professional)
A M Clark – USA (Amateur)
Aaron Feinberg – USA (Professional)
Aaron Citti – Australia (Professional)
Abhijit Dey – India (Amateur)
Abhijit Nandi – India (Amateur)
Adam Balcerek – Poland (Professional)
Adoniram Sides – USA (Professional)
Adri Berger – UK (Professional)
Adrian Davis – USA (Professional)
Adrianne Yzerman – Australia (Amateur)
Ady Kerry – UK (Professional)
Aj Raina – India (Professional)
Al Rubin – USA (Professional)
Aladino Di Prinzio – Italy (Professional)
Alain Francois – Australia (Amateur)
Alan Gignoux – UK (Professional)
Alan Skyrme – India (Professional)
Alan K. E. A. Marques – Brazil (Professional)
Alastair Mcnaughton – Australia (Professional)
Aldona Kmiec – Australia (Professional)
Aleksandr Korolev – USA (Professional)
Alessandro Majocchi – Italy (Professional)
Aleta Cortes – USA (Amateur)
Alex Attard – Malta (Amateur)
Alex Kaeslin – Switzerland (Professional)
Alex Shoykhetbrod – Germany (Amateur)
Alexander Becker – Germany (Amateur)
Alexander Elkins – USA (Professional)
Alexander Kamakaev – Russia (Amateur)
Alexander Korobov – Russia (Professional)
Alexander Martirosov – Russia (Professional)
Alexander Spasibko – Russia (Amateur)
Alexander Whittle – UK (Professional)
Alexandra Alcorn – USA (Amateur)
Alexei Krasnikov – Russia (Amateur)
Alin Popescu – Romania (Amateur)
Allan Gill – Canada (Professional)
Allan Hunter Shoemake – USA (Professional)
Allen Birnbach – USA (Professional)
Allen Lubitz – USA (Amateur)
Aloisi Gioia + Gorini Monica – Italy (Professional)
Alvise Raimondi – Italy (Amateur)
Alxs W – USA (Professional)
Amir Weinberg – Israel (Professional)
Amit Dey – India (Professional)
Amy Lyne – USA (Professional)
Amy Vonheim – Norway (Amateur)
Amyn Nasser – USA (Professional)
Anastas Tarpanov – Bulgaria (Amateur)
Andre Schneider – USA (Professional)
Andrea Kornfeld – Hungary (Amateur)
Andrea Nuvoloni – Italy (Amateur)
Andrei Pfeiffer – Romania (Amateur)
Andreu Pardales – Philippines (Amateur)
Andrew Chittock – UK (Professional)
Andrew Edmunds – Australia (Amateur)
Andrew George – Netherlands (Amateur)
Andrew Gregory – Australia (Professional)
Andrew John Sherriff – UK (Professional)
Andrew Robert Fox – UK (Professional)
Andrey Grinyov – Latvia (Amateur)
Andy Brown – UK (Amateur)
Angela Bacon-Kidwell – USA (Amateur)
Angela Vicedomini – Switzerland (Amateur)
Angelo Cirrincione – Italy (Professional)
Angier Larry – USA (Professional)
Anil Sud – Canada (Amateur)
Anirudha (Robi) Chakraborty – USA (Amateur)
Anita Schiedeck – Germany (Amateur)
Ann Cutting – USA (Professional)
Ann George – USA (Amateur)
Anna Zavileiskaia – Hungary (Amateur)
Anne Hojlund Nicolajsen – Denmark (Professional)
Annemarie Farley – UK (Professional)
Anouk Baumann – Switzerland (Professional)
Anthony Harris – USA (Professional)
Anthony Pappone – Italy (Amateur)
Antonio Amen – Portugal (Amateur)
Antonio Busiello – USA (Professional)
Antonio Gibotta – Italy (Professional)
Antony Nagelmann – USA (Professional)
Anzor Bukharsky – Uzbekistan (Professional)
Arja Redel – Switzerland (Amateur)
Arkadius Zagrabski – Germany (Professional)
Arno Enzerink – Finland (Amateur)
Arvid Fimreite – Norway (Amateur)
Asher Moyal – Israel (Amateur)
Audrey Gottlieb – USA (Professional)
Aurelio Bormioli – Italy (Amateur)
Aynsley Stelfox – Canada (Amateur)
Azat Gainutdinov – Russia (Professional)
Bal�Zs Mer�Sz – Hungary (Professional)
Barb Young – USA (Professional)
Barbara Karpowicz – Canada (Amateur)
Barbara Martin – USA (Amateur)
Barbara Krieger – USA (Amateur)
Barbara Warren – USA (Professional)
Barend Houtsmuller – Netherlands (Professional)
Barry Cheeseman – Australia (Professional)
Barry Rowland – USA (Amateur)
Barry Toranto – USA (Amateur)
Beatrix Jourdan – Senegal (Amateur)
Becky Lipp – New Zealand (Amateur)
Belinda Mason – Australia (Professional)
Belinda Muller – United Arab Emirates (Professional)
Ben Ryan – Australia (Amateur)
Ben Spurgeon – USA (Amateur)
Bently Quast – Canada (Professional)
Bernhard Schmidt – Germany (Amateur)
Bertol Arrieta – Spain (Amateur)
Bev Pettit – USA (Professional)
Bill Allen – UK (Amateur)
Bill Hornstein – USA (Professional)
Bill Pielsticker – USA (Professional)
Billy Monday – USA (Professional)
Binh Trinh – New Zealand (Professional)
Blair Witzel – Canada (Amateur)
Bob Neiman – USA (Amateur)
Bob St.Cyr – Canada (Amateur)
Bob Tetro – USA (Amateur)
Bobbie Goodrich – USA (Professional)
Bobby Chitrakar – USA (Amateur)
Bobby Samuels – USA (Amateur)
Bobby Wheat – USA (Professional)
Brandon Thibodeaux – USA (Professional)
Brent Washa – USA (Amateur)
Brian Adams – USA (Professional)
Brian Henning – USA (Amateur)
Brian Jones – Australia (Amateur)
Brian Kosoff – USA (Professional)
Brian Mahany – USA (Professional)
Brian Pearson – USA (Amateur)
Brian Smith – USA (Professional)
Brigitte Kroone – Netherlands (Professional)
Bruce Byers – USA (Professional)
Bruce Peterson – USA (Professional)
Bruno Costa E Silva – Brazil (Amateur)
Bryan Kong – USA (Amateur)
Bryce Burnip – Canada (Amateur)
C E Morse – USA (Amateur)
Cameron Davidson – USA (Professional)
Camilla Watson – Portugal (Professional)
Carien Schippers – USA (Professional)
Carl Grim – UK (Amateur)
Carla Mascaro – Italy (Amateur)
Carlo Vespertino – Italy (Professional)
Carlos Domenech – USA (Professional)
Carlos Norberto Lanus Ocampo – Argentina (Professional)
Carmen Spitznagel – Germany (Professional)
Carol Allen Storey – UK (Professional)
Carol Aplogan – France (Amateur)
Caroline Telfer – Australia (Professional)
Carolyn Brown – USA (Professional)
Carolyn Guild – Mexico (Professional)
Carolyn Hampton – USA (Amateur)
Cassandra Leslie – Canada (Professional)
Catalin Baican – Romania (Amateur)
Cath Evans – UK (Professional)
Catharine Carter – USA (Professional)
Cees Rijnen – Netherlands (Professional)
Celeste Mckenzie – South Africa (Professional)
Cem Turgay – Turkey (Professional)
Cesare Di Liborio – Italy (Amateur)
Charit Pusiri – Thailand (Professional)
Charlene Sammut – Malta (Amateur)
Charles Corda – USA (Amateur)
Charles Crain – USA (Professional)
Charles Mckean – Australia (Professional)
Charles Laurier Dufour – USA (Professional)
Charlotte Rush Bailey – USA (Amateur)
Chester Ng – USA (Amateur)
Chong Kok Yew – Malaysia (Amateur)
Chris Craymer – USA (Professional)
Chris Johnston – Namibia (Professional)
Chris Mclennan – New Zealand (Professional)
Chris Roche – USA (Professional)
Chris Sidhall – USA (Professional)
Chris Usher – USA (Professional)
Chris White – UK (Professional)
Chris Reeve – UK (Professional)
Christelle Teodoro – France (Amateur)
Christian Baeuchle – Germany (Amateur)
Christine Spring – New Zealand (Amateur)
Christine Wylie – Australia (Amateur)
Christophe Vaille – France (Amateur)
Christophe Vermare – Japan (Amateur)
Christopher Muir – Canada (Professional)
Christopher Lee Donovan – USA (Professional)
Claire Mallett Mallett – USA (Professional)
Claudia Zurlo – Germany (Professional)
Claudio Allia – Italy (Amateur)
Claudio Bonaccorsi – Italy (Amateur)
Clayton Bastiani – UK (Professional)
Clint Kennedy – USA (Amateur)
Coby Cooper – USA (Amateur)
Cole Hallarn – Canada (Amateur)
Cornel Gingarasu – Romania (Amateur)
Craig Boyko – Canada (Professional)
Craig Moodie – Australia (Professional)
Cristina Tinta Vass – Romania (Amateur)
Curt Palm – USA (Amateur)
Cynthia Martone – USA (Amateur)
Cynthia Merzer – USA (Amateur)
D. Keith Furon – USA (Amateur)
Dale M Reid – Canada (Professional)
Damien Vassart – France (Amateur)
Damjan Voglar – Slovenia (Amateur)
Dan Poyourow – USA (Professional)
Dana Ullman – USA (Professional)
Dani Pozo – Spain (Professional)
Danica O. Kus – Belgium (Professional)
Daniel Grant – USA (Amateur)
Daniel Holmes – USA (Professional)
Daniel Kencke – USA (Amateur)
Daniel Defraia – USA (Amateur)
Daniele Pinti – Italy (Amateur)
Darcy Brown – UK (Professional)
Daro Sulakauri – Georgia (Professional)
Darren Phillips – Australia (Amateur)
Daryl James – Australia (Amateur)
Dave Bowman – Netherlands (Professional)
Dave Hunt – UK (Professional)
David Alley – USA (Professional)
David Beckley – USA (Amateur)
David Burnett – USA (Professional)
David Flanagan – Australia (Professional)
David Gould – UK (Professional)
David Hillegas – USA (Professional)
David Hylton – USA (Amateur)
David Jakelic – Croatia (Amateur)
David Morris – UK (Professional)
David Reilly – USA (Amateur)
David Saxe – USA (Amateur)
David Simmonds – Australia (Professional)
David Thibodeaux – USA (Amateur)
David Toczko – USA (Professional)
David Zadig – Norway (Professional)
David Naman – Canada (Amateur)
David Allan Brandt – USA (Professional)
David Jordan Williams – USA (Professional)
Davide Maione – UK (Professional)
Dayle Ann Clavin – Austria (Amateur)
Dazeley . – UK (Professional)
De Paepe Freddy – Belgium (Amateur)
Dean Alexander – USA (Professional)
Debra Ledsinger – USA (Amateur)
Delaunay Pierre – France (Professional)
Denis Defibaugh – USA (Professional)
Denis Grzetic – Croatia (Amateur)
Denis Tremblay – Canada (Professional)
Denise Castro-Bran – USA (Amateur)
Dennis Dunton – USA (Amateur)
Dennis Frates – USA (Professional)
Dennis Hodges – Hungary (Amateur)
Dennis Mecham – USA (Professional)
Deon Reynolds – USA (Professional)
Derek Seaward – UK (Professional)
Devin Campbell – USA (Amateur)
Dewi Puspasari – Indonesia (Amateur)
Diane Kaye – USA (Amateur)
Diane Silverman – USA (Amateur)
Dianna Snape – Australia (Professional)
Dianne Yudelson – USA (Amateur)
Dilip Bhatia – India (Professional)
Dina Bova – Israel (Professional)
Dingyang Yee – Singapore (Professional)
Djeneba Aduayom – USA (Amateur)
Dominic Martello – USA (Amateur)
Don Whitebread – USA (Amateur)
Douglas Kurn – UK (Professional)
Douglas Vernimmen – UK (Amateur)
Dr. Thomas Brotzler – Germany (Professional)
Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu – Romania (Amateur)
Duncan Cunningham – Australia (Amateur)
Duncan Hill – USA (Professional)
Duncan De Fey – Netherlands (Professional)
Duschan Tomic – Italy (Professional)
Ed Sancious – USA (Amateur)
Edmond Terakopian – UK (Professional)
Edoardo Agresti – Italy (Professional)
Eduardo Fujii – USA (Amateur)
Edward Gajdel – Canada (Professional)
Edward Olive – Spain (Professional)
Edward Yanowitz – USA (Professional)
Eir-J�Rgen Bue – Norway (Professional)
El�Onore Herzberg – France (Amateur)
Eleanor Owen Kerr – USA (Professional)
Elena&Amp;Vitaliy Vasilievy – Ukraine (Professional)
Elisabeth Egon Viebre – Netherlands (Professional)
Elisabeth Toll Toll – Sweden (Professional)
Elizabeh Holmes – USA (Amateur)
Elizabeth Rudge – USA (Amateur)
Elli Ioannou – Australia (Professional)
Elohim Pedraja – Venezuela (Amateur)
Emil Stojek – Poland (Amateur)
Emmanuel Coupe – Greece (Professional)
Emre Turan – Turkey (Amateur)
Eric Chang – Indonesia (Amateur)
Eric Kellerman – Netherlands (Amateur)
Erik Unger – USA (Amateur)
Erinn Holland – USA (Amateur)
Ertugrul Kilic – Suriname (Professional)
Erwin Staeheli – Switzerland (Professional)
Esmeralda Edenberg – Sweden (Amateur)
Estevao Lafuente – Portugal (Amateur)
Eugenio Opitz – Venezuela (Professional)
Eva Kelety – Austria (Professional)
Evan Schiller – USA (Professional)
Evan Mcbride – New Zealand (Amateur)
Evangelos Kalogiannidis – Norway (Amateur)
Evert Van Moort – Netherlands (Professional)
Fabio Bernardino – Brazil (Amateur)
Fabrice Lachant – UK (Professional)
Fabrizio Intonti – Italy (Professional)
Fahed Alshahman – Kuwait (Professional)
Fausto Podavini – Italy (Professional)
Federico Giovannini – Italy (Amateur)
Felix Hug – Singapore (Professional)
Fernando Brito – Portugal (Amateur)
Francesco Bittichesu – USA (Professional)
Francesco Carella – France (Professional)
Francisco Alcala – USA (Amateur)
Frank Brandwijk – Netherlands (Professional)
Frank Toepfer – Germany (Amateur)
Frederic Vanwalleghem – Belgium (Professional)
Gabi Mardare – Romania (Professional)
Gabor Dvornik – Hungary (Amateur)
Gabriel Romero – USA (Amateur)
Garry Clarkson – UK (Professional)
Garry Wapshott – Australia (Professional)
Gary Annett – Australia (Professional)
Gary Breckheimer – USA (Professional)
Gary Cloud – USA (Professional)
Gary Latham – UK (Professional)
Gary Potts – USA (Amateur)
Gary Roberts – UK (Professional)
Gary Zuercher – USA (Professional)
Gary Mccoy Mccoy – USA (Professional)
Gaudenz Danuser – Switzerland (Professional)
Gavin Dunbar – UK (Amateur)
Gaye Edwards – Australia (Amateur)
Gene Taylor – USA (Professional)
Geoff Waugh – UK (Professional)
George Apostolidis – Australia (Professional)
George Ramms – Germany (Professional)
Gerald Fleury – USA (Amateur)
Gerald Mcdowell – USA (Amateur)
Giang Le – Germany (Amateur)
Gianluca Capri – Italy (Amateur)
Gianmatteo Cirillo – Italy (Amateur)
Gigi Embrechts – USA (Amateur)
Gigi Stoll – USA (Professional)
Giles Christopher – UK (Professional)
Gillian Lindsay – Canada (Professional)
Giordano Cipriani – Italy (Professional)
Giorgio Bisetti – Italy (Amateur)
Girish Menon – India (Professional)
Giuliano Koren – Italy (Professional)
Giuseppe Ciccia – Italy (Amateur)
Giuseppe Francavilla – Italy (Amateur)
Gloria Golden – USA (Amateur)
Gloria Pereyra – USA (Amateur)
Gloriann Liu – USA (Amateur)
Gorazd Golob – Slovenia (Professional)
Gray Hawn – USA (Professional)
Greg Holba – UK (Amateur)
Greg Stroube – USA (Professional)
Greg Winston – USA (Amateur)
Gregg Newton – USA (Professional)
Gregoire A. Meyer – UK (Amateur)
Gregory Georges – USA (Professional)
Gregory Gieske – USA (Professional)
Guus Rijven – Netherlands (Professional)
Guy Gagnon – Belgium (Amateur)
H Lingnauschneider – France (Amateur)
Hal Kaye – USA (Professional)
Hanlin Goh – Singapore (Amateur)
Hans ÖHlin – Sweden (Amateur)
Harjono Djoyobisono – Australia (Professional)
Harold Davis – USA (Professional)
Harry Sandler Sandler – USA (Professional)
Harvey Duze – USA (Professional)
Hazel Mcpherson – UK (Amateur)
Heiner Pflug – Brazil (Amateur)
Helen Jolliffe – UK (Amateur)
Helene De Roux – France (Professional)
Helmut Gollmann – Switzerland (Amateur)
Hengki Lee – Indonesia (Amateur)
Henk Van Der Stouw – Netherlands (Professional)
Henk Van Mierlo – Netherlands (Professional)
Henning Roalkvam – Norway (Amateur)
Henry Fernando – Canada (Amateur)
Herman Van Gestel – Netherlands (Professional)
Herve Pierre Mudry – UK (Professional)
Hicks Samuel – UK (Professional)
Highton Ridley – UK (Amateur)
Hiroyasu Matsui – Japan (Professional)
Holly Mcclellan – Canada (Professional)
Holly Stewart – USA (Professional)
Honey Atkinson – Australia (Professional)
Hugh Jones – USA (Amateur)
Ian Spanier – USA (Professional)
Ignacio Romero Naves – Finland (Amateur)
Igor Svibilsky – USA (Amateur)
Ilja C. Hendel – Norway (Professional)
Ilona Jeffrey – Australia (Amateur)
Ine De Louw – Netherlands (Amateur)
Ineichen Sacha – Switzerland (Professional)
Ingetje Tadros – Australia (Amateur)
Ingo Hecker – Germany (Amateur)
Ioannis Gousgounis – Greece (Amateur)
Ira Kahn – USA (Professional)
Irina Shebeko – Russia (Professional)
Ivan Zayats – Belarus (Amateur)
Ivan Joshua Loh – Singapore (Professional)
Ivana Kupenova – Bulgaria (Amateur)
J�R�My Rasse – France (Professional)
Jacek Jedrzejczak – Poland (Professional)
Jack Dzamba – USA (Professional)
Jack Hill – UK (Professional)
Jack Hutch – USA (Professional)
Jack Picone – Australia (Professional)
Jackie Dean – Australia (Professional)
Jackie Weisberg – USA (Professional)
Jacquelyn Schechter – USA (Amateur)
Jadwiga El�¼Bieta Czarnecka – Poland (Amateur)
James Bollen – UK (Professional)
James Haefner – USA (Professional)
James Hughes – Turkey (Professional)
James Morton – USA (Amateur)
James Porto – USA (Professional)
James Reid – UK (Professional)
James Warren – USA (Amateur)
James Watkins – USA (Amateur)
James Williamson – UK (Professional)
James Edwin Mcdonough – USA (Amateur)
Jan Cassidy – UK (Amateur)
Jan Malmstrom – Sweden (Amateur)
Jan Stovka – Slovak Republic (Professional)
Jane Rosemont – USA (Professional)
Janice Tieken – USA (Professional)
Jason Florio – USA (Professional)
Jason Homa – USA (Professional)
Jason Jilg – USA (Amateur)
Jason Nichols – USA (Professional)
Jason Watt – UK (Amateur)
Jean-Charles Folliet – France (Professional)
Jean-Claude Flaccomio – France (Professional)
Jean-Philippe Poli – France (Amateur)
Jeff Eden – UK (Professional)
Jeff Gatesman – USA (Amateur)
Jeff Johnson – USA (Professional)
Jeff Olson – USA (Amateur)
Jeff Palmer – USA (Professional)
Jeff Wack – USA (Professional)
Jen Van Waard – New Zealand (Amateur)
Jennifer Bucheit – USA (Amateur)
Jeremy Fokkens – Canada (Professional)
Jerry Whitty – USA (Professional)
Jez Coulson – USA (Professional)
Jim Bielecki – USA (Amateur)
Jim Fenwick – UK (Professional)
Jim Fredlund – USA (Professional)
Jim Gallop – USA (Professional)
Jim Mckinniss – USA (Amateur)
Jim Shoemaker – USA (Professional)
Jim Tetro – USA (Professional)
Jimmy Richey – USA (Amateur)
Jishnu Changkakoti – India (Amateur)
Jo Farrell – Hong Kong (Amateur)
Jo Goede – Germany (Amateur)
Jo�O M. Gil – Portugal (Professional)
Joan Davis – USA (Professional)
Joanna Kustra – UK (Professional)
Joanne Urban – USA (Professional)
Joannie Shyers – USA (Amateur)
Joel Simpson – USA (Professional)
Joel Ventura – Spain (Professional)
Johan Visschedijk – Netherlands (Professional)
John Blais – USA (Professional)
John Chapple – USA (Professional)
John Christenson – USA (Professional)
John Lai – Canada (Amateur)
John Livzey – USA (Professional)
John Mcgill – Lebanon (Amateur)
John Seamons – Australia (Amateur)
John Sylvester – Canada (Professional)
John Eaton – USA (Amateur)
John C Saponara Jr – USA (Amateur)
Johnny Stevens – USA (Amateur)
Jon Hope – USA (Professional)
Jonathan Andrew – Netherlands (Professional)
Jonathan Banks – UK (Professional)
Jonathan Pollock – UK (Professional)
Jonny Thompson – UK (Professional)
Jorgen Opsann – Norway (Amateur)
Joseph De Sciose – USA (Professional)
Joseph Romeo – USA (Professional)
Joseph P. Smith – Malta (Amateur)
Josh Blumental – USA (Professional)
Josh Bornstein – USA (Amateur)
Josh Blanchard – USA (Amateur)
Joy Goldkind – USA (Professional)
Joy Strotz – USA (Professional)
Joyce P. Lopez – USA (Professional)
Joydeep Mukherjee – India (Amateur)
Juan Salvarredy – Argentina (Professional)
Juho Kalberg – Estonia (Amateur)
Julia Holland – UK (Professional)
Julie Garran – Australia (Amateur)
Julie Kimpton – Australia (Amateur)
Julie Shipman – USA (Professional)
Julie Wajs – Australia (Professional)
Jurgen Lechner – Germany (Professional)
Justin Fabian – Canada (Professional)
K M Asad – Bangladesh (Professional)
Kamal Rana – India (Professional)
Karen Corrigan – USA (Amateur)
Karen Steenwinkel – Netherlands (Professional)
Karen Fuchs – USA (Professional)
Katarina Jesna – Smikova – Slovak Republic (Professional)
Katarina Mansson – Switzerland (Amateur)
Katarina Premfors – United Arab Emirates (Professional)
Kate Jordahl – USA (Professional)
Kathryn Jacobi – USA (Professional)
Katie Stern – USA (Professional)
Kay Tetzlaff – USA (Amateur)
Kay N – USA (Amateur)
Keith Aggett – UK (Amateur)
Keith Nolan – Ireland (Professional)
Keith Berr Berr – USA (Professional)
Kelly Tringas – Australia (Amateur)
Ken Schluchtmann – Germany (Professional)
Kenichi Unaki – Japan (Professional)
Kerry Beckingsale – UK (Professional)
Kerry Maxwell – USA (Amateur)
Kerry Sharkey-Miller – USA (Professional)
Kevin Briggs – USA (Amateur)
Kevin Necessary – USA (Professional)
Kevin Ng – USA (Professional)
Kevin Nicholson – UK (Professional)
Kevin Vast – USA (Professional)
Khara Erickson – Ireland (Amateur)
Kike Suay – Spain (Professional)
Kim Tan – UK (Amateur)
Kimene Slattery-Ching – Australia (Professional)
Kip Harris – Canada (Amateur)
Kirill Ovchinnikov – Russia (Professional)
Kirill Surov – Canada (Amateur)
Kisa Kavass – USA (Professional)
Kjetil Vatne – Norway (Amateur)
Klaus Kampert – Germany (Professional)
Klaus Tesching – Germany (Amateur)
Konrad Perlman – USA (Professional)
Konstantinos Vasilakis – Greece (Amateur)
Kostas Maros – Switzerland (Amateur)
Kristian Liebrand – Germany (Professional)
Kristian Kjaer Moe – Denmark (Amateur)
Kristof Verschueren – Belgium (Professional)
Krisztina Gat – UK (Amateur)
Ksenia Alekseeva – Russia (Amateur)
Kumar Raja Surisetty – India (Professional)
Kunio Nakaoka – Japan (Professional)
Kuo-Chen Jung – Taiwan (Amateur)
Kuok Hou Tang – Macao (Professional)
Larry Alford – USA (Amateur)
Larry Louie – Canada (Professional)
Lars Nyman – Sweden (Professional)
Laura Jean Zito – USA (Professional)
Laurence Jones – UK (Professional)
Laurie Mccormick – USA (Amateur)
Laurie Rhodes – USA (Professional)
Layne Kennedy – USA (Professional)
Lea Foster – USA (Amateur)
Leah Lallier – USA (Amateur)
Lee Chee Wai – Malaysia (Amateur)
Lee Craker – Thailand (Professional)
Lee Tonks – USA (Professional)
Lenie Badenhorst – South Africa (Amateur)
Lenka Cizkova – Netherlands (Amateur)
Lennette Newell – USA (Professional)
Leo Pelletier – Canada (Amateur)
Leo Salazar – USA (Amateur)
Leon Van Der Flier – Netherlands (Professional)
Lev Tsimring – USA (Amateur)
Lida Chaulet – Netherlands (Amateur)
Lina Reinsbakken – Norway (Professional)
Linda Cutche – New Zealand (Amateur)
Linda Hale – USA (Amateur)
Linda Naesfeldt – Norway (Professional)
Lisa Brockman – USA (Amateur)
Liyun Yu – USA (Amateur)
Liz Hardley – New Zealand (Amateur)
Liz Keeler – USA (Amateur)
Louis Gaillard – France (Professional)
Louis Montrose – USA (Professional)
Louisa Michelin – USA (Amateur)
Lubo Spirko – Slovak Republic (Professional)
Lubos Stepanek – USA (Amateur)
Luca Ascari – Italy (Professional)
Luca Desienna – UK (Professional)
Lucas Lockie – UK (Professional)
Lucia Adverse – Brazil (Professional)
Luciano Lupato – Italy (Amateur)
Luigi Fieni – Italy (Professional)
Luigi Grieco – Italy (Professional)
Lynn Tait – Canada (Amateur)
Mac Oller – Poland (Amateur)
Madhavi Swarup – India (Amateur)
Makiko Hall – Switzerland (Amateur)
Mandy Hardin – Australia (Professional)
Manuel Abella – USA (Amateur)
Manuel Cosentino – Italy (Professional)
Marc Cartwright – USA (Professional)
Marc Ward – USA (Amateur)
Marc Josse Josse – France (Professional)
Marco Benedetti – Switzerland (Amateur)
Marco Bhimani – USA (Amateur)
Marco Virgone – Italy (Amateur)
Marcus Hewson – Switzerland (Amateur)
Marcus Peel – UK (Professional)
Marcus Riley – UK (Amateur)
Marek Czarnecki – Poland (Professional)
Marek Kalavsky – Slovak Republic (Amateur)
Margaux Yiu – Canada (Amateur)
Margo Taussig Pinkerton – USA (Professional)
Marguerite Hossler – USA (Amateur)
Maria Dorn – Germany (Amateur)
Marian Rubin – USA (Amateur)
Marie Jonsson – Sweden (Amateur)
Marie-Louise Cadosch – Switzerland (Amateur)
Marilyn Maxwell – USA (Professional)
Marina Chen – USA (Amateur)
Mario Marino – Germany (Professional)
Mario Pietro Luras – Italy (Amateur)
Marisol Pastor – Spain (Amateur)
Marius Noreger – Norway (Amateur)
Marius Rustad – Norway (Amateur)
Marjolein Banis – Netherlands (Professional)
Marjolein Martinot – France (Amateur)
Mark Bernhardt – USA (Amateur)
Mark Harvey – UK (Professional)
Mark Kelly – Australia (Amateur)
Mark Leibowitz – USA (Professional)
Mark Mason – USA (Professional)
Mark Nelson – UK (Amateur)
Mark Paulda – USA (Amateur)
Mark Sadan – USA (Professional)
Mark Surloff – USA (Professional)
Mark Tripp – UK (Amateur)
Mark Wade – USA (Amateur)
Mark Westerby – UK (Professional)
Mark Smart – UK (Amateur)
Markku Saijets – Finland (Amateur)
Marko Jamnik – Slovenia (Professional)
Marlow Starr – Canada (Amateur)
Marshall Gould – USA (Amateur)
Marti Belcher – USA (Amateur)
Martin Alpert – USA (Amateur)
Martin Gremm – USA (Amateur)
Martin Levinne – USA (Professional)
Martin Miller – USA (Professional)
Martin Schubert – Denmark (Professional)
Martin Van Lokven – Netherlands (Professional)
Martin Waalboer – Netherlands (Professional)
Martin Zurmuhle – Switzerland (Amateur)
Martino Cusano – Italy (Professional)
Martyn Lucas – USA (Amateur)
Marziyeh Heydarzadeh Aghdam – Iran (Amateur)
Matej Peljhan – Slovenia (Amateur)
Matt Lit – USA (Professional)
Matteo Cirenei – Italy (Professional)
Matthew Duchesne – Australia (Professional)
Mauricio Villahermosa – Venezuela (Amateur)
Maximilian Baeuchle – Germany (Amateur)
Mayumi Yoshimaru – USA (Professional)
Melanie Dunea – USA (Professional)
Melanie Snowhite – USA (Professional)
Melanie Lapointe – Canada (Amateur)
Melvin Harper – USA (Amateur)
Mervyn Dublin – Malaysia (Amateur)
Michael Diblicek – France (Amateur)
Michael Flicek – USA (Amateur)
Michael Gora – USA (Amateur)
Michael Hart – USA (Professional)
Michael Heffernan – UK (Professional)
Michael Jackson – UK (Professional)
Michael Knapstein – USA (Amateur)
Michael Malyszko – USA (Professional)
Michael Mclaughlin – Ireland (Professional)
Michael Molinoff – USA (Professional)
Michael Schmidt – USA (Amateur)
Michael Shea – USA (Amateur)
Michael Stoklos – USA (Professional)
Michael Talbot – Canada (Amateur)
Michal Josephy – Czech Republic (Professional)
Michel Delsol – USA (Professional)
Michel Perrin – New Zealand (Professional)
Michel Pomerleau – Canada (Amateur)
Michel Rajkovic – France (Professional)
Michele Pero – Italy (Professional)
Michele Taras – Canada (Amateur)
Michelle Chaplow – Spain (Professional)
Michelle Rogers Pritzl – USA (Professional)
Mieke Boynton – Australia (Amateur)
Miguel Barreira – Portugal (Professional)
Miguel Angel Nalda – Spain (Professional)
Mikael Kapanaga – Russia (Professional)
Mike Brown – Ireland (Professional)
Mike Cable – USA (Amateur)
Mike Hollman – New Zealand (Professional)
Mike Reyfman – USA (Professional)
Milko Marchetti – Italy (Professional)
Mindaugas Gabrenas – Lithuania (Amateur)
Minny Lee – USA (Amateur)
Mirko Ries – Switzerland (Professional)
Mishu Vass – Romania (Amateur)
Mohammad Rakibul Hasan – Bangladesh (Professional)
Monika Brand – Germany (Amateur)
Monika Pietsch – Poland (Amateur)
Montie Talbert – USA (Professional)
Mudita Aeron – UK (Professional)
Mustafa Mohsin – Pakistan (Amateur)
Nancy Hill – Canada (Amateur)
Natalie Young – USA (Professional)
Nathan Small – UK (Professional)
Nayan Sthankiya – Canada (Professional)
Neal Panton – Canada (Professional)
Neil Craver – USA (Professional)
Neil Johnson – USA (Professional)
Nelson Cheang – Macao (Amateur)
Nenad Saljic – Croatia (Amateur)
Niccolo Biddau – Italy (Professional)
Nicholas Duers – USA (Professional)
Nichole Sloan – USA (Professional)
Nicklas Blom – Sweden (Professional)
Nicky Alekna – Australia (Professional)
Nico Garstman – Netherlands (Professional)
Nicola Fearnley – UK (Amateur)
Nicola Roberto – Italy (Amateur)
Nicole Mctaggart – Australia (Amateur)
Nicole Rosario – USA (Professional)
Nicolo Sertorio – USA (Professional)
Niels Peter Riisbro – Denmark (Professional)
Nigel Cassidy – UK (Professional)
Nikolaos Lotsos – Greece (Amateur)
Nikos Pilos – Greece (Professional)
Nina Papiorek – Germany (Amateur)
Nita And Wales Madden Iii – USA (Professional)
Norimichi Inoguchi – USA (Professional)
Norman Soskel – USA (Professional)
Nousha Salimi – United Arab Emirates (Professional)
Nyk Sykes – Australia (Professional)
Olga Izakson – Russia (Professional)
Oliver Stegmann – Switzerland (Amateur)
Olivier Borson – France (Amateur)
Omid Alliani(Amiri) – Iran (Amateur)
Omkar Hajirnis – India (Amateur)
Otakar Hevler – Switzerland (Amateur)
Ovidiu Bastea – Romania (Amateur)
Pagratis Pagratidis – Greece (Professional)
Paolo Patruno – Italy (Amateur)
Paolo Marchetti – Italy (Professional)
Pascal Blanchet – Netherlands (Amateur)
Patri�Cia Cunegundes – Brazil (Amateur)
Patrick De Smet – Belgium (Amateur)
Patrick Hattenberger – Canada (Professional)
Patrick Ryan – South Africa (Professional)
Patrick Heinscher – Sweden (Amateur)
Patrizia Burra – Italy (Professional)
Patrizia Dottori – Italy (Professional)
Patrycja Jadach – UK (Amateur)
Paul Coghlin – UK (Professional)
Paul Crampton – Canada (Amateur)
Paul Ponticell – USA (Amateur)
Paul Swen – USA (Professional)
Paul Wager – Laos (Professional)
Paul Bucknall – UK (Professional)
Paul A Wright – UK (Professional)
Paula Durbin – USA (Professional)
Paulo Monteiro – Portugal (Amateur)
Pawel Piatek – UK (Professional)
Pedro Farias-Nardi – USA (Amateur)
Peng Wee Tan – Singapore (Amateur)
Pery Burge – UK (Professional)
Pesarelli Stefano – Italy (Professional)
Pete Denness – UK (Amateur)
Pete Saloutos – USA (Professional)
Peter Aitken – USA (Amateur)
Peter Day – Netherlands (Professional)
Peter Goadby-Watt – UK (Professional)
Peter Ingrasselino – USA (Professional)
Peter Kurdulija – New Zealand (Amateur)
Peter Leask – New Zealand (Amateur)
Peter Liepke – USA (Professional)
Peter Lik – USA (Professional)
Peter Meyer – Australia (Professional)
Peter Nitsch – Germany (Professional)
Peter Schafrick – Canada (Professional)
Peter Steinhauer – Singapore (Professional)
Peter Ware – UK (Amateur)
Peter Whyte – Australia (Professional)
Peter Delaney – South Africa (Professional)
Phil James – UK (Professional)
Phil Andrey Zanoulou – Switzerland (Amateur)
Philip Brown – UK (Professional)
Philip Gatward – UK (Professional)
Philip Lawrence – Australia (Amateur)
Philip Shippert – USA (Professional)
Philip Woolway – UK (Amateur)
Philip Wright – Australia (Amateur)
Philipp Engelhorn – Hong Kong (Professional)
Philippe De Poulpiquet – France (Professional)
Philomena Famulok – Germany (Amateur)
Pierpaolo Mittica – Italy (Professional)
Pierre Alivon – France (Professional)
Pierre Moreau – Belgium (Professional)
Pierre Pellegrini – Switzerland (Amateur)
Pietrino Di Sebastiano – Italy (Amateur)
Polly Norman – USA (Professional)
Porus Khareghat – India (Amateur)
Priapus Aka Timothy Schnellenberger – USA (Amateur)
Priscilla Pompa – Mexico (Professional)
Quentin Jones – Australia (Professional)
R.D.Wayne Holloway – Australia (Professional)
Radin Michael – USA (Amateur)
Radu Popescu – Romania (Amateur)
Rae Emogene – Canada (Amateur)
Rafal Maleszyk – Poland (Professional)
Rakesh Sahai – India (Professional)
Ralph Pleasant – USA (Professional)
Ramin Amini – Iran (Amateur)
Raquel Ba�óN Sodini – Spain (Amateur)
Rasmus Linaa – Denmark (Professional)
Regina Cserna – Austria (Amateur)
Remo Camerota – Australia (Amateur)
Renato D’Agostin – USA (Professional)
Reza Khatir – Switzerland (Professional)
Ric Frazier – USA (Professional)
Ricardo De Vicq De Cumptich – Brazil (Professional)
Riccardo Magherini – Italy (Professional)
Riccardo Cornaglia – Italy (Amateur)
Richard Douglas – Canada (Amateur)
Richard Garvey-Williams – UK (Professional)
Richard Plunk – USA (Amateur)
Ricky, Wing Kit Lo – Hong Kong (Professional)
Rico Mejia – USA (Professional)
Rina Castelnuovo – Israel (Professional)
Robb Johnson – USA (Amateur)
Robert Brindley – Australia (Professional)
Robert Cherry – UK (Amateur)
Robert Greshoff – UK (Professional)
Robert Hale – USA (Amateur)
Robert Herrmann – Germany (Amateur)
Robert Larson – USA (Professional)
Robert Moran – USA (Amateur)
Robert Provencher – Canada (Professional)
Robert Woodward – USA (Amateur)
Robert Derosa – USA (Professional)
Robert &Quot;Ferd&Quot; Frank – USA (Amateur)
Robert J. Martin – USA (Amateur)
Roberta Murray – Canada (Professional)
Robertino Nikolic – Germany (Professional)
Roberto Pastore Galderio – Italy (Amateur)
Roberto Soares-Gomes – Brazil (Professional)
Robi Ganguli – India (Amateur)
Robin Vandenabeele – Belgium (Amateur)
Robson Rogan – Canada (Amateur)
Rodger Overholser – USA (Amateur)
Rodrigo Tibyri�á – Brazil (Professional)
Roger Branson – UK (Amateur)
Roger Coulam – UK (Professional)
Roger Parvin – USA (Amateur)
Roger Michel Fichmann – Switzerland (Amateur)
Roland Delahaye – Belgium (Amateur)
Roman Torres – USA (Amateur)
Ron Schwager – USA (Professional)
Ronald Van Beek – Netherlands (Amateur)
Ronaldo C. Girgulsky – Argentina (Amateur)
Ronny Ritschel – Canada (Amateur)
Ruben Buhagiar – Malta (Professional)
Rui Pires – Portugal (Amateur)
Rupert Horst Portugaller – Austria (Amateur)
Ruslan Lobanov – Ukraine (Professional)
Russell Stewart Stone – UK (Professional)
Ryan O’Donoghue – Australia (Amateur)
S. Gayle Stevens – USA (Professional)
Sabrina Lesert – France (Professional)
Salvatore Esposito – Italy (Professional)
Sandra Mu – New Zealand (Professional)
Sandra Ramacher – Australia (Professional)
Sandra  ŠTimac – Croatia (Professional)
Sandra Chen Weinstein – USA (Professional)
Sandro Tedde – Italy (Amateur)
Sara Reid – UK (Amateur)
Sara Schmidt – Mexico (Amateur)
Sarah Louise Jackson – Australia (Professional)
Sasa Prizmic – Croatia (Amateur)
Sasson Haviv – USA (Amateur)
Saud Al Faisal – Bangladesh (Amateur)
Saurabh Bhatia – India (Professional)
Scott Markewitz – USA (Professional)
Scott Mcdermott – USA (Professional)
Scott Carlin – USA (Amateur)
Sean Stuchen – USA (Professional)
Sebahat Ersoy – Turkey (Amateur)
Sebastian Sifft – Romania (Amateur)
Sebastien Hameline (Paulve) – France (Amateur)
Sergey Majorov – Russia (Amateur)
Sergio Muscat – Malta (Amateur)
Serhat Demiroglu – Turkey (Amateur)
Seta Karabadjian – Canada (Amateur)
Shahid Hashmi – United Arab Emirates (Professional)
Shaikh Jan Mohammad – India (Amateur)
Shannon Plummer – Australia (Professional)
Shantel Liao – Taiwan (Amateur)
Sharon Castro – USA (Professional)
Sharon Tenenbaum – Canada (Professional)
Shashwat Nagpal – India (Amateur)
Shaun Hollinger – USA (Amateur)
Sheng Xiong Dong – Singapore (Amateur)
Shevaun Williams – USA (Professional)
Shinya Ichikawa – Japan (Amateur)
Shirley Land – USA (Amateur)
Shohreh Golazad – Iran (Amateur)
Shota Kizu – Japan (Professional)
Shuji Konishi – Japan (Professional)
Sia Aryai – USA (Professional)
Silvio Giuliani – Italy (Amateur)
Simak Gergo – Hungary (Amateur)
Simon Brown – UK (Professional)
Simone Bonde – USA (Professional)
Slobodan Blagojevic – USA (Amateur)
Sophie Shine – UK (Amateur)
Sreesailam Pasupula – India (Professional)
Stacey P. Morgan – USA (Professional)
Staffan Andersson – Sweden (Professional)
Stefan Isaksson – Sweden (Amateur)
Stefan J Nilsson – Sweden (Professional)
Stefano Butturini – Italy (Amateur)
Stefano Carloni – Italy (Amateur)
Stefano Ciol – Italy (Professional)
Stefano Orazzini – Italy (Professional)
Stephan Brauchli – Switzerland (Amateur)
Stephen Clough – Canada (Professional)
Stephen Perry – Canada (Professional)
Steve Bingham – USA (Amateur)
Steve Brickles – USA (Professional)
Steve Hoskins – UK (Professional)
Steve Johnsen – USA (Professional)
Steve Mayes – UK (Professional)
Steven Begleiter – USA (Professional)
Steven Roosa – USA (Professional)
Sturla Strand – Norway (Professional)
Sue Foll – UK (Professional)
Susan Annable – USA (Amateur)
Susan Brunner – Switzerland (Professional)
Susan Burns – USA (Professional)
Susan Grant – USA (Professional)
Susan Brandt Graham – USA (Amateur)
Sushrutha Metikurke – New Zealand (Amateur)
Suzy Cossman – USA (Amateur)
Suzy Halpin – USA (Amateur)
Svetlana Batura – Lithuania (Professional)
Swapan Mukherjee – India (Professional)
Szymon Seweryn – Poland (Amateur)
Tanita Leets – USA (Amateur)
Tanya Ahmed – USA (Professional)
Tapiwa Muronda – USA (Professional)
Tareq Alhemrani – United Arab Emirates (Amateur)
Tatiana Botton – USA (Professional)
Tatsuo Suzuki – Japan (Amateur)
Tatyana Bessmertnaya – USA (Professional)
Tc Reiner – USA (Professional)
Ted Poweski – USA (Amateur)
Ted West – USA (Professional)
Ted Witek – Canada (Amateur)
Terje Abusdal – Norway (Amateur)
Terrell Neasley – USA (Professional)
Terri Gold Gold – USA (Professional)
Terry Eggers – USA (Professional)
Terry Tarara – USA (Amateur)
Terry Turrentine – USA (Professional)
Thamer Al-Hassan – Saudi Arabia (Amateur)
Theodore Van Pelt – USA (Amateur)
Thibault Jeanson – France (Professional)
Thodoris Kottaridis – Greece (Professional)
Thorsten Jankowski – Germany (Amateur)
Tiffanie Ragasa – USA (Amateur)
Tim Buchman – USA (Professional)
Tim Grimshaw – USA (Amateur)
Tim Lein – USA (Amateur)
Tim Silk – Australia (Amateur)
Timofey Tararin – Russia (Amateur)
Tina Bout – Netherlands (Professional)
Tina Thuell – USA (Professional)
Toby Snelgrove – Canada (Amateur)
Tom Bell – USA (Amateur)
Tom Szabadi – USA (Amateur)
Tom Wundrak – Germany (Professional)
Tomasz Gudzowaty – Poland (Professional)
Ton Dirven – Netherlands (Amateur)
Tony Hertz – USA (Professional)
Torfi Agnarsson – USA (Professional)
Tracy Ryan – Australia (Professional)
Tracy St John – USA (Professional)
Trevor Brady – Canada (Professional)
Ulrike Lugert – Germany (Amateur)
Uri Mahlev – Israel (Amateur)
Uwe Langmann – Germany (Amateur)
Uwe Schober – Germany (Professional)
Vahe Peroomian – USA (Amateur)
Valentino Morgante – Italy (Amateur)
Valerio Bellone – Italy (Amateur)
Valery Melnikov – Russia (Professional)
Vanessa Bertagnole – Australia (Amateur)
Vanlaere Xavier – France (Amateur)
Vassilis Tangoulis – Greece (Amateur)
Veneta Zaharieva – USA (Amateur)
Vicki Bell – Australia (Professional)
Victor Cobo – USA (Professional)
Vikas Dutt – India (Professional)
Vince Lupo – USA (Professional)
Viva Van Story – USA (Professional)
Vivek Chandrashekaran – Netherlands (Amateur)
Vladislav Mitrichev – Russia (Professional)
W K Cheoh – Singapore (Amateur)
Wajid Drabu – USA (Amateur)
Walter Luttenberger – Austria (Professional)
Walter Rothwell – UK (Professional)
Wayne Cable – USA (Professional)
Wayne Tucker – USA (Professional)
Wendy Broekx – Australia (Amateur)
Wendy Kaveney – USA (Professional)
Werner Anderson – Norway (Professional)
William Castellana – USA (Professional)
William Chua – Singapore (Professional)
William Swank – USA (Professional)
Wolfgang Koehne – Germany (Amateur)
Xichen Li – Singapore (Amateur)
Xuess Wee – Singapore (Amateur)
Yasuteru Kasano – Japan (Amateur)
Yew Kiat Soh – Malaysia (Amateur)
Ying Yi Chua – Singapore (Professional)
Yingting Shih – Taiwan (Amateur)
Yoshiteru Yamamoto – Canada (Professional)
Yossi Manor – USA (Amateur)
Youssef Ismail – USA (Professional)
Yuri Benitez – Mexico (Professional)
Yuri Catania – Italy (Professional)
Zbigniew Sokolowski – USA (Amateur)
Zoltan Bekefy – Slovak Republic (Amateur)
Zoran Kulusic-Neral – Croatia (Amateur)
. Owen – USA (Professional)

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